We asked a few of our members 3 questions to find out

Why they join

What they get from Membership

What they would like to get going forward.



I joined because I wanted to be part of a club that did charitable acts of kindness to help the local community and also to make new friends in the area.

I enjoy the feeling of fellowship engendered by Rotary and also the satisfaction of knowing we are helping others.

To continue to meet new people and take part if future events which fund raise and promote Rotary.

Abi Bouch

I had recently moved back to the area from a period in Bristol and was looking  for a way to socialise, meet people and give something back to the community.  A friend suggested that I join the new local Rotary club of which she is a member.

As a result of joining Rotary I now have a fantastic group of friend and am able to give back to the community and make a difference to others.

I would like to continue to support my local community with charitable events and meet more interesting people.